We recognize that financial barriers are not the only ones preventing access to our industry. We commit to work to understand all barriers and how they are interconnected. We commit to understanding and supporting existing work to end racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of systemic oppression as we serve our mission.

Intentional Language
We will be meticulous in our use of language to ensure that our communication is free of bias.

Operational Standards
We will create space for those who wish to contribute to do so as fully as they are able, ensure the organization is guided by the collective voice of those who wish to guide it, and make, as much as possible, all activities of the organization clear and transparent to all members.

Collective Identity
We agree to prioritize public recognition of the collective. This ensures that no member can co-opt or derive glory from this initiative. Our online platforms will not include a list of volunteers. We will remain anonymous to the general public unless we agree an opportunity of strategic advantage exists in revealing our names.

We will assess the group’s adherence to the values stated above through routine reflection and discussion.